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Subject: Job suggestions?
Author: Cherryfrog   (guest,
Date: January 25, 2013 at 5:22:57 AM
It's killing me, I have a character, one I have previously mentioned who is very cheeky-chap and quite immature but he's been to university, graduated and now has a job.

Though I know I have been vague on the character but what would a guy like that study and then get a job in? [Not neccaserily the same thing]

I can't describe him an awful lot since I am character building right now before even write. I describe him as immature, but he takes responsibility and is emotionally engaged with the people around him. I guess you could sum him up with the stereotypical line 'Boys will be boys.' Being silly with his friends, goofing around but he is still intellegent, caring and responsible.

Since I've never been to University I can't think of any possible courses and when I looked into online, a lot of the times you have to search the course you want, they dont seem to suggest any. So I turn to my BTN friends to help, please.

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