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Subject: Re: Help me with opening lines?
Author: Cherryfrog   (guest,
Date: January 26, 2013 at 5:31:24 AM
Reply to: Help me with opening lines? by trepak
Personally, I don't care for Let me explain as has already been said, I know it's meant to hook audiences in but I'm not sure it work, it has the opposite effect that perhaps your trying to hard, as a reader I can feel your desperation to achieve an amazing opening line.

I can't comment on the other since in my mind is conjures up a dark story of vampires, zombies and the like and I have no interest in that genre so I would be immediatly put off anyway.

If you're really struggling to open it then start your novel on your second chapter rather than try to draw the reader in or introduce them, just don't give a damn about them and get on with the story, see if that works for you, even if it doesnt you can go back and write the opening story and you may have a better idea where to start then.

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