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Subject: I'm not sure what's the best direction for my story?
Author: JessaRose   (Authenticated as dancingintherain)
Date: February 1, 2013 at 2:38:34 AM
A couple of weeks ago I posted a snippet from the narrative I'm starting to write, and I got some feedback. I'm going to be adding a bit more to beginning of it, starting it the night before and unveiling pieces of information in a different way, and then continue the first chapter that I had, but obviously cutting out any double ups of information.

However, I'm concerned that it would make for a very long first chapter, and because their two different 'ideas', therefore my solution is to split into two chapters.

Now, The first chapter at the moment is set in January 2009 as she leaves her home village, it explores into what she is exactly and a little bit as to why she left, and then following chapter is set five years later when she's settled into Melbourne, and the actual story begins.

Is it okay, or is it confusing to read a story that would go Chapter One - Jan, 2009, Chapter Two - Jan,2009.... and then jump to Jan, 2014? Would it be better off going straight into Jan 2014, and retelling the first two chapter in flashback or dreams? I wrote it the way it is now because its science fiction/fantasy concept and I wanted her origins to be clear, and I also like the way I've written it.

As a reader, what do you guys think?

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