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Subject: Re: Part 5 - Top 10 Names Experiment (May)
Author: Atheling   (Authenticated as Atheling)
Date: May 1, 2008 at 2:24:39 AM
Reply to: Part 5 - Top 10 Names Experiment (May) by Spartz


1. Alexis
2. Severin
3. Edmund
4. Hilary
5. Cato


1. Morwenna
2. Sirona
3. Felicity
4. Eleanor
5. Genevieve

They're almost completely shifted from last month, but it seems less severe to me than it looks - only Cato and Sirona are genuinely new. All the others were in my Much Liked list last month and it's just a question of shuffles within the top 20 or so.

This month I evidently feel that Alexis is genuinely usable, hence its taking the top spot, because it's my favourite boys' name ever. I'm also in a phase of liking Severin again. Edmund therefore goes to #3, Hilary moves down one spot to #4, and the last one goes to my flavour of the month, Cato.

In the girls', Eleanor and Genevieve have each dropped two places, to #4 and #5. I'm liking Morwenna and Felicity a lot at the moment, hence the top places, whereas they've recently been hovering around the thirteen-fourteen mark. Sirona is a very recent favourite.

My favourites have been in crazy flux recently.

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