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Subject: Re: Part 5 - Top 10 Names Experiment (May)
Author: Hannah Ruth   (guest)
Date: May 1, 2008 at 3:59:41 AM
Reply to: Part 5 - Top 10 Names Experiment (May) by Spartz
1. Liv (up)
2. Neith (up)
3. Aerin
4. Marianne (up)
5. Katherine (down)
6. Andromache (down)
7. Persephone (new entry)
8. Cassandra (up)
9. Evadne (down)
10. Juno (down)
11. Aoide
12. Ophelia (new entry)

honorable mentions: Nephele, Guinevere, Danae, Isolde, Reine (new entry).

dropped out of top names: Alexandria, Nessa (can't make it work), Marian (boring), Briseis (going off it), Freya (too common).

1. Beren
2. Alexander
3. Leo (up)
4. Gaius (new entry)
5. Aldemar (up)
6. Albion (down)
7. Leonidas (down)

honorable mention: Leander

dropped out of out of top names: Evander, Gaelan (GP-ed), Jack and Daniel (both too common).

Beren, Liv, Aerin and Neith have been most constant at the top.

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