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Subject: Re: August top 10 (part 8/12)
Author: Spartz   (Authenticated as Spartz7)
Date: August 1, 2008 at 7:26:05 PM
Reply to: August top 10 (part 8/12) by Rachel Shay
Just was coming to post this...everyone is so ahead of me!!! =D haha.

1. Daniel
2. Evan
3. Samuel
4. Patrick
5. Benjamin

1. Kara
2. Grace
3. Anna
4. Madelyn
5. Giovanna

Evan is finally out of the number one spot! And it has been replaced with Daniel. Evan is number 2 now followed by Sam and Patrick, and newest addition Benjamin, in the place of John.

Girls are almost the same except my spelling of Madeleine has changed to Madelyn. And Giovanna has replaced Noelle.

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