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Subject: Re: Clio
Author: Pink Princess   (Authenticated as Pink Princess)
Date: March 2, 2012 at 5:51:42 PM
Reply to: Clio by pistachio
I think it's a lovely name, though I personally prefer Cleo. What about these combos:

Clio Jasmine
Clio Phoebe
Clio Freya
Clio Isabel / Isabelle / Isabella
Clio Poppy
Clio Patience
Clio Pearl
Clio Tabitha
Clio Tessa
Clio Rhiannon
Clio Elizabeth
Clio Evelyn
Clio Emmeline
Clio Esther
Clio Estelle
Clio Audrey
Clio Amelia
Clio Ariane / Arianne / Arianna
Clio Arielle / Ariella
Clio Abigail
Clio Adele
Clio Sadie / Sarah
Clio Sabrina
Clio Daisy
Clio Demelza
Clio Della
Clio Felicity
Clio Grace
Clio Gwendolyn
Clio Guinevere
Clio Gwyneth
Clio Georgia / Georgiana
Clio Hannah
Clio Hazel
Clio Heidi
Clio Jemima
Clio Juliet
Clio Zelda
Clio Zahra
Clio Violet
Clio Veronica
Clio Vanessa
Clio Bianca
Clio Natasha / Natalia / Natalie
Clio Madeleine
Clio Matilda
Clio Miriam
Clio Martha
Clio Mabel
Clio Meg
Clio Maisie
Clio Millie

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