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Subject: Re: Pronunciation question and a 'what's your fave spelling of...'
Author: Indigopearl   (Authenticated as indigopearl)
Date: April 2, 2012 at 3:40:03 PM
Reply to: Pronunciation question and a 'what's your fave spelling of...' by Lily
My first instinct was to say kah-te-LEEN, but then I immediately thought, oh, maybe it's supposed to be like Caitlin. I think kah-te-LEEN makes more sense, but I've seen so many different spellings of Caitlin that's it isn't really a stretch to say it that way. I think Catelin would encourage more people to say it right the first time though.

My favourite spelling is Caitlin. It's simple and straightforward. I can think of 8 (various spellings), aged 17-26, off the top of my head. Pretty common in my age group.


Theoretically, of course, it could all be an elaborate conspiracy.

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