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Subject: Re: Still suffering from name regret-thoughts/advice appreciated (LONG)
Author: Lily   (Authenticated as Destry)
Date: April 3, 2012 at 10:55:09 AM
Reply to: Re: Still suffering from name regret-thoughts/advice appreciated (LONG) by anxiolytics
Yes, they are over the top, but if you love them you should use them anyway. I went to school with Aristoteles and Ceridwen and you really do get used to it! Haha I disliked Caillou as well! Rosie makes me think of a sweet little girl I once knew and that association is stronger so I still love it. Kleio is actually a full name and Clio, Cleo can be seen as spelling variants but I can understand that they seem nickname-y to most people, I first thought they were nicknames as well.

I don't think Serafina is too close to Saoirse. Yeah the association with Flockhart is unfortunate. I suggested Callista (she spells it Calista) so the association wouldn't be too strong but I guess it didn't work :P Callisto is a name I liked for a long time but it might be a bit too much.

I think Talia (which is also a legit name with a different background) might help with the pronunciation issues. I think most people would pronounce it TAH-lee-ah. Of course I don't know whether that's the pronunciation you like.

Anyway, good luck and feel free to post again, I think we'll all be glad to help. Finding the perfect name can be really difficult.

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