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Subject: What do you think about these names and combos (long)? + suggestions
Author: bopperlynn   (Authenticated as bopperlynn)
Date: April 9, 2012 at 1:10:59 PM
SO and I have two definite boy combos, but we don't have any solid girl combos because we can't seem to agree on names at all. I've included the lists of each of our names, and some info about them. At the bottom I have just a few combos that we are considering or have considered. Opinions and suggestions on individual names and combos would be greatly appreciated, as would any new combos using our names or suggestions of similar names.

SO's suggestions:
Marie / Maria

SO loves Marie, Maria, and Grace. I completely dislike Marie and Maria, but could use Grace as a MN (but SO leans toward it as a FN). SO also really loves Lily, but I can't stand it. I could deal with Liliana (SO could call her Lily and I wouldn't have to), but SO hates Liliana. We both like Lucy and Katherine. Ellen keeps coming up when we talk names, and it's actually starting to grow on me. As for the rest of the names, I just don't like them at all.

ETA: These names are not hyperlinked, they're just in blue font. I realized it might be confusing after I posted.

My names:
Bridget - SO absolutely hates Bridget. I really like it, and I'd like to honor my Aunt Bridget, but it's been vetoed.
Calliope - I love this name, and could use Callie or Calla as a NN, but SO has vetoed all three as 'strange and ugly'.
Sofia - SO says this (and even Sophia) is 'too foreign'. I was very surprised. I've known several Sophias my age and think of this as relatively common, if not overused. I would not use Sophia - it seems harsh to me.
Johanna (jo-han-nah) - I used to strongly dislike this, but now it's in my top 3. SO said absolutely not.
Magdalen (MN) - I have liked the name Magdalen since I was about 14. I love it as a MN. This has also been rejected.
Xanthe - SO had no idea how to pronounce this (SO tried zanthe, one syllable), then rejected it as well.
Miriam (MN) - I actually got laughed at when I brought this one up. It's apparently old-ladyish, ugly, and terrible.
Lucy - We both like this but can't really agree on a combo.
Aubrey - I'm surprised I like this because I hated it until a few months ago. SO doesn't like it.
Katherine - same problem as Lucy, though we agree it would be a MN.
Grace - SO loves Grace, especially as FN. I think Grace is filler-ish, but I could stand it as a MN if I loved the FN and the combo flowed well.

Other names that have made it into conversation but haven't gone anywhere:
Nat(h)alie - We both like this. I prefer Nathalie because of the more pronounced 't' sound. I don't like 'nad-uh-lee'. However, I think using that spelling in the U.S. will just cause confusion. We don't like any nicknames.
Olivia - I used to loathe this but have been liking it lately. SO likes it. I could only use it as a MN because it's too popular.
Isobel - I like Isobel, but this spelling only, and probably only as a MN. SO thinks it's okay. I can just see it being misspelled (Isabelle) or being called Isabella.
Scarlet - We both really like this name, but haven't found a decent combo. Also, SO loves to shorten names, and I really don't think I could deal with "Scar" as a nickname. All I can think of is Scar from The Lion King.

Our boy combos (definite):
Benjamin Jude - We both absolutely love Benjamin Jude "Ben". Benjamin was one of the only names we could agree on. Jude honors my dad (his name is Frank Judson), and my musician SO likes it because of Hey Jude.
Thomas Avery - Thomas was also one of the only names we could agree on that we both love. It will most likely not be shortened (by us, anyway). Avery seems a little out of place but we both really like it and don't care.

Possible girl combos:
Lucy Katherine - We both like Lucy and Katherine, but struggle with good combos for them. SO really wants Lucy Grace, but that's way too much IMO. This is our go-to combo for a girl, though we're looking for something we love.
Lilah Grace - Lilah (lie-lah) is the first girls name we ever agreed on, and we still like it a lot. SO loves Grace, and I like it in this combo.
Nora(h) Grace - We're pretty indecisive about Nora(h), though we both really like it. Same as above about Grace.
Ellen Sofia (still being thought about) - SO keeps bringing up Ellen, though I vetoed it at one point. Similarly, I won't give up on Sofia, though SO vetoed that. Ellen is growing on me, and I could use it as a FN if I really loved the MN.

Our problem is that we just can't come up with a girl combo that we love like we love our boy combos. So again, any input for girl combos using our names or similar names would be great. If it makes any difference or helps at all, the surname is Daniels.

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