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Subject: Re: Character Names Opinions?
Author: RoxStar   (Authenticated as RoxStar)
Date: May 19, 2012 at 7:49:47 PM
Reply to: Character Names Opinions? by lakin5
Charlene "Charlie" Paxton: Ditch the Charlie and I think the name is very believeable as an ordinary person. Charlie on a female character seems to be very typical and predictable.
Brenton "Brent" Draco: Just call him Brent and be done with the messy middle step. Also, everybody knows who Draco is, using his first name as a last name just screams "ripoff fanfic."
Clarissa Christina "C.C." Albine: I guess it works, but it's needlessly tongue-twisting.
James "Jamie" Sparks: Can't stand Jamie on a boy, but James Sparks is nice.
Blaira Spelling: Blaira looks made-up fantasy fiction. Blair?
Charron (pronounced like Sharron) Gray: Call her Sharon and be done with it.
Scarlett Vladimir: Screams "ripoff fanfic."
Sabrina "Brinny" Forester: Forrester is usually how it's spelled. Brynnie is overly cutesy and not really the best nn for Sabrina. Bree might work. I keep thinking that Sabrina Forrester is already a famous character but I don't know.
Fiamma/Fiammetta "Fia" Draco: No good. Ripoff fanfic.
(High) Princess Viola: Viola is very much a country-bumpkin name.
(Low) Princess Lavinia: Lavinia is kind of a stereotypical princessy name.
Emma Cassidy "Vega": Vega doesn't really make sense as her nickname without context.
Shevon Daniels: Not great.
Jeffrey Razinski "Raz": Kind of a mouthful. Jeff makes more sense as a nickname.
Milo Summers "Thorne": Again, the nickname seems random.
Wenda "Wendy" Sparks: Just call her Wendy Sparks. Why make things any more complicated than they have to be?
Tazma "Tazzy" : Whatever.
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