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Subject: Re: Stop the presses.
Author: Ismene   (Authenticated as Madyson)
Date: May 25, 2012 at 4:34:44 PM
Reply to: Stop the presses. by Bear
Thanks so much! I tend to want to go a little crazy with MNs for the simple Rose but SO seems rathers conservative when it comes to naming so no matter how much I love a Rose combo (such as Rose Olympia) none of them really feel.. "sellable." Oh well, I can have fun until the naming becomes serious :)

I really like...

Rose Dominique - I think this one is quite doable
Rose Diana - how elegant
Rose Calliope - Rosa Calliope was once a go-to of mine
Rose Imelda
Rose Melisande - Melisande is so lovely. And I'm so glad you mention this one because it reminded me of a combo I previously loved which is Rose Melusine
Rose Igraine
Rose Victorine - is so lacy!

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