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Subject: Re: If you saw a young Georgiana...
Author: mirfak   (Authenticated as mirfak)
Date: September 22, 2012 at 11:29:49 AM
Reply to: If you saw a young Georgiana... by hyacinthus
Jor-jahna, jor-jee-ahna, jor-janna, or jor-jee-anna?

I tend to say the first one.

Anyway it's ok, but too long and fancy seeming for my taste. I think it's better than Georgina, at any rate. I prefer Georgia though, as a feminine form of George. (I saw a girl of about 4 who was addressed as Georgia, just yesterday. Nice) Georgiana seems to me like a word "Georgian" feminized - a poetic word for things of George, or things of Georgia? - which is kind of weird. But if you wanted nn Georgie, it might work better than Georgia, because it cries harder to be shortened familiarly.

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