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Subject: Names for a story
Author: Ismene   (Authenticated as Madyson)
Date: September 23, 2012 at 3:10:03 AM
I have this short story in my head that I'm thinking about actually putting into writing but I need some ideas for character names!

It's sort of a tall tale with 3 unlikely heros. Based on these character descriptions, what would you name them?

Main character: Hard-nosed old-timey widow type. Caretaker to anyone and everyone in need, gentle and patient but also tough as nails when need be and extremely smart/quick witted. I have this idea of her being known as "Miss _____" (Miss Lydia is floating around my head currently) since she's known as sort of the town nurse/mother, but that's not set in stone. Appearance wise I'm picturing her with a long, grey, disheveled french braid and stern, serious eyes.

Her nephew: short, chubby and sort of oafish but extremely eager to please and wouldn't hurt a fly. He might have a stutter

Her "aunt" (true relationship not really known): shaky hands, a frizzy blond bob, hilariously senile with an unfounded hatred of..... something... gimme some ideas here = squirrels, pickles, clocks, the word "silly", anything

Antagonist: just your classic "bad guy" who gets in over his head and thinks he's smarter than he actually is. He might have even given HIMSELF a goofy nickname to make himself sound more legendary (a la Billy the Kid, Gorgeous George, etc.)

Bad guys sidekick: Loyal to a fault. Probably actually smarter than main antagonist but lacks confidence and is happy to take on the role of "follower" instead. Maybe he's got a soft spot that helps him identify more with his "victims"

Any and all ideas appreciated. Thank you!

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