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Subject: Re: Which of these do you think goes better?
Author: Dracotorix   (Authenticated as Dracotorix)
Date: September 25, 2012 at 10:17:10 AM
Reply to: Which of these do you think goes better? by Serafina Starstrider
Serafina, Arthur, and Keiran: This one is the worst because Serafina stands out too much. Arthur and Keiran are Welsh/Irish and earthy-feeling. They're also fairly simple. Serafina is the exact opposite of earthy: more celestial, pretty, elegant, and flourishy. It's a beautiful name, but too shiny and sparkly for this set.

Fiona, Arthur, and Keiran: I think this set is the best together because they all have a Scottish/Welsh/Irish vibe to them, they're all fairly simple, and they all feel a bit earthy as well. I can picture all three of these in greens and browns and oranges.

Luna, Arthur, and Keiran: This is second best. I love the name Luna, but it doesn't have an earthy feel like the others. It doesn't stand out as much as Serafina, but between it and Fiona I'd definitely pick Fiona to go with these brothers.

Which girl, girl, boy sibset do you think goes better together?

Serafina, Dante (g), and Arthur: Same problem as before.

Fiona, Dante (g), and Arthur: Second best.

Luna, Dante (g), and Arthur: I think this might be my favorite if these. Dante is simple but eccentric, and together with Arthur and Luna I'm getting a feeling that's sort of "legendary", if that makes sense. Somewhere between historical and mythical. The names also look nice together, maybe because they all have lots of vowels but no "i"s. Any set of Dante, Arthur, and anything with a lowercase "i" in it looks a bit cluttered.

Callisto, Dante (g), and Arthur: This is okay (and continues with the legendary feel) but Callisto is a bit like Serafina in being too complicated and long and flourishy for the sibset.

Citrina, Dante (g), and Arthur: This one is my least favorite. I'm not liking the 3-syllable names with Dante and Arthur. This also makes the sibset look cluttered because of all the i's. It's also too "warm" of a name for the other two.

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