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Subject: Max or a longer form nn Max?
Author: Lily   (Authenticated as Destry)
Date: September 29, 2012 at 9:37:17 AM
I can't decide whether I should use Max on its own or as a nickname for something. My grandma almost used Max but couldn't because my grandpa didn't like it, so it kind of honors her as she'd love to have a grandson named Max. I really love Max but the full forms don't excite me. I'm usually not someone who likes nicknames as full names, the only other exception being Jessie for a girl.

1) Does Max work on its own? I love Max and think the full forms aren't that great, should I use Max? Or should I use a full version anyway, just for him, so he'd have more options?
2) The only ones I think are okay as full forms are Maximilian, Maximilianus and Maxwell. But I find Maxwell too stiff and strict sounding and Maximilian always sounded weak and a bit funny to me. I think both Maxwell and Maximilian are okay but I don't love them. Maximilianus is so complicated. But if you had choose, Maxwell, Maximilianus or Maximilian and why?
3) Max, Maxwell nn Max, Maximilianus nn Max or Maximilian nn Max?

Could you comment on the other possible options? Maybe they could grow on me. Also you may suggest any that I forgot.


well, and I know a guy named Maximillion so I guess that would work as well :P

I find Maxime too feminine (I know a girl named Maxime and also it's so close to Maxine), Maximus just makes me chuckle. Maxen seems made up. Maximiano and Maximino just don't appeal to me. Maximinus has the word minus in it which I dislike. Maximianus sounds incomplete.


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