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Subject: Re: Names That Have Been On Your Mind Lately
Author: Millie   (Authenticated as ImSorryIfILoveYou96)
Date: September 29, 2012 at 12:33:36 PM
Reply to: Names That Have Been On Your Mind Lately by Billina
I like Jasmine and Cole from your list.

Thomas - I really dislike Tom though and I don't think a Thomas would manage to avoid that nickname all his life.

Melody - I'm wary about it being badly recieved because of name-words such as: Destiny, Lyric, Honesty etc. which people dislike.

Jenna Lucia - this combo is quickly growing on me though I am wary of the double "a" sound at the end of both names.

Britney - for all the wrong reasons, I really do not like this name but it is always not too far away from my thoughts.

"-son" names, mainly Carson (I'm toying with Karson for a girl but I know that it will be hated by the vast majority). Emmerson, just like the sound of it. Tennyson, I think the nickname Tenny is cute but too cute to use alone. And also Chanson, cannot get this out of my head! I'm really loving it and the possible nickname of Chance.

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