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Subject: Re: Maribel, Victoria, Clive, Darragh
Author: Moirrey   (Authenticated as Moirrey)
Date: September 30, 2012 at 6:30:31 AM
Reply to: Maribel, Victoria, Clive, Darragh by Effie
Maribel is much too cutesy to me, something about it just screams cutesy-poo in a way other names like Annabel or Isabel don't. Just Mary is much better, or perhaps Marielle?

I absolutely love Victoria, it's so stately and regal. I don't like any of the obvious nicknames that come with it which would personally give me pause from using it, but I would be delighted to see someone else use it.

Clive - I don't like this at all. It sounds whiny.

Darragh - gorgeous! Depending on where you live it might be harder to live with, I don't know if anyone in America would recognise it as a male name, but I understand it's fairly common in the UK. I prefer the spelling Dáire, myself.

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