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Subject: BAs from UK
Author: Sofia   (Authenticated as Sofia)
Date: September 30, 2012 at 9:51:41 AM

Edie Henrietta (Louise and Will), sister Isla
Edith Lucy (Julian and Sarah)
Eleanor Iris (Ian and Jo), brother William
Elizabeth Alice Mary Dalrymple "Lily" (Emily and Jamie), brother Jack
Elizabeth Flavia Mary Clifford (Alice & Charles)
Elizabeth Victoria (Laura and Hugo)
Ella Charlotte Elizabeth (Rosalind & Robert)
Elsa Emmanuel Diana (Amanda and Michael), brothers Alejandro, Javier, Mateo, Gabriel, Monty and Roman
Emilia Anna Margaret (Lucy and Ross), siblings Alexander and Cassia
Erin Louise (Rachel & Jeremy), brother Joshua
Eve Annabella (Katharine & Mark), sister Grace Florence
Evie Margaret Kitty (Maryanne & Andrew)
Florence Ann (Wendy & Richard), sister Betty
Florence Beatrice (Alexandra and Timothy), sister Amelia and Rose
Florence Mary (Kathryn & Oliver), sisters Alice and Charlotte
Francesca Ellen (Andrea and Mark), sister Isabella
Freya Romilly (Georgina and Max), sisters Matilda and Coco


Edward Charles (Vanessa & Jonathan), sister Grace
Edward Charles William (Emily & Mark), siblings Poppy, Rory, Lottie and Angus
Edward Iain Graham (Clare and Andrew), brother Christopher
Edward Kenneth (Lisa and Richard)
Edward William (Alexandra and William)
Elliot Gabriel Stephen (Tania and Alexander)
Elliot George Dawnay (Katherine and Mark) –born in Australia
Fergus Ranulph (Olav and Lisa)
Fergus Reginald Francis (Rachel and Nicholas)
Fergus William Donald (Helen and William), siblings Henry and Kitty
Finn Alastair (Nicky and Angus)
Finn Wilson (Kirk and Wilma) –born in New Zealand
Floyd Patrick (Marianne and Phil)
Freddie Andrew Railton (Louisa & Geoff)
Freddy Ian Kim (Katie and Anthony), sister Molly-Rose
Frederick Charles Raffaele (Rebecca and Lucien), sister Isabelle
Frederick Nicholas (Caroline and William), sister Beatrice
Fredrik James (Andrea and Shaun), brother Oscar

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