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Subject: Re: WDYTO???
Author: PantheraVirgo   (Authenticated as brilliantblue)
Date: October 1, 2012 at 6:39:10 AM
Reply to: WDYTO??? by Fleur
Maya (or Maia) -- getting to be beaten to death. I have no spelling preference. Used to be Maia, changed to Maya a couple of years ago, not really sure anymore. It just seems like Maya / Maia will be really tired soon. For me, they already are.
Halkyone -- the "lky" reminds me of "bulky," and the "Halky" reminds me of "chalky." Can't get on board. Halcyone, sure.
Daria -- It's nice, but nothing special
Emery -- Nope, I use an emery to file my nails
Eden -- Nice enough, but going to be dated someday
Ria -- trendy-sounding, wispy, insubstantial. Much, MUCH prefer Rhea.
Aspen -- Trendalicious, better suited to a dog.

Everard -- Nice! Really unique and strong and cool.
Cyrus -- Blech, no. Not after Miley.
Talon -- I LOATHE this name. Talon? Really? Like a claw? Or what if your son DOESN'T turn out to be a low-grade sports car?
Sterling -- Pretentious and whiny.

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