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Subject: Re: Josephine, Penelope, Alasdair, Cato
Author: AnastasiaE   (Authenticated as AnastasiaE)
Date: October 2, 2012 at 12:34:26 PM
Reply to: Josephine, Penelope, Alasdair, Cato by Effie
Josephine - LOVE!
Penelope - I always thought it sounded like a fairy tale princess for some reason
Alasdair - I always thought Alastair looked better (but I like that name because I know this really cool guy with that name)
Cato - I do like the sound of it but many people will think you named him after that dickhead from the Hunger Games (not everyone will think that because the HG hasn't reached recognition like Harry Potter has yet), although I do happen to know (sort of) a 16 year old South African boy called Cato (but it might actually be Kato).
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