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Subject: Re: Just for fun...Wdyt?
Author: AnastasiaE   (Authenticated as AnastasiaE)
Date: October 2, 2012 at 12:52:54 PM
Reply to: Just for fun...Wdyt? by JessicaLeigh
Codex Katowice Claudius - OMG IT'S SO AWESOME. No, really.
Chianti Fortunato Naruto - I ate him with some narutomaki and a nice Chianti. Plus, I always hated that anime.
Betti Chun Paschal - the next action heroine in whatever Joss Whedon show
Renato Rico Erratum - This is the sound I make when I throw up.
Irkutsk Haydn Rhythm - The next Gangnam Style?
Thurso Echo Truro - I'm so Thurso, I need some Echo Truro energy drink.
Tycoon Idyll Wynn - Oh, the tycoon is just idling right now.
Debbi Cockrell Pahlavi - Mmmmm. I'd kill for some Cockrell Pahlavi right now.
Rich Viol Webb - Is this Robert Webb's evil twin?
Creed Timon Sirocco - It's a band! A fictional meerkat! And a car!
Earl Timon Kohl - The latest L'oreal product. "New Earl Timon Kohl, using only the finest lead from India. Because you're worth it."

I couldn't think of anything good for the other 2 combos right now.

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