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Subject: Re: WDYT
Author: Lily   (Authenticated as Destry)
Date: October 2, 2012 at 3:28:59 PM
Reply to: WDYT by Zimger
Adrian and Madeline

Ronan - it only makes me think of that singer from 'Westlife'
Sean - overused and 80s dated
Adrian - really nice
Blake - I like it
Wyatt - very cowboy-ish but nice

My favorites are Adrian, Wyatt and Blake in this order. Sean is nice but dated. I don't really like Ronan.

Ruby - I dislike it
Lydia - not bad
Elisabeth - much prefer Elizabeth
Madeline - love it!
Naomi - not bad

Ruby and Lydia as well as Naomi will probably rise in popularity in the next few years whereas Madeline will most likely go down.

Madeline Jane and Adrian Louis are lovely!

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