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Subject: BAs from UK
Author: Sofia   (Authenticated as Sofia)
Date: October 3, 2012 at 10:59:52 AM

Albert Oliver (Joanna and Oliver), siblings Poppy and Edward
Alexander Prosper (Delphine and Harry)
Angus Joshua David (Elisabeth & Alexander)
Arthur Wilfred Shaun (Davina and Rupert)
Barnaby Alexander James (Emily and Jamie), sister Alexa Rose
Benjamin John (Claire and John), sister Aimée
Charles Stephen (Rebecca and Greg)
Christopher 'Kit' Ian (Mary and Hugo), sister Elodie Rose
Daniel John Joseph (Helen and Jonathan), brother Adam
Dara Fergus (Gordon and Grace)
Darwin Albert David (Gaye and Matt, grandfather David)
Dexter Riley (Marcus and Laura)
Digby George Aretas (Alexandra and Simon), sisters Isla and Poppy.
Digby Harry Piers (Emma and Piers)
Digby Herbert Emery (Annabel and James), siblings Kitty, Elsie and Wilfie
Digby Robert (Amy and Robert)
Douglas Charles (Sophie and Alexander)
Dylan Edward (Jemma and Stewart), sister Sophie
Dylan Patrick (Sean and Linda)

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