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Subject: Digby
Author: Pie   (Authenticated as Pie)
Date: October 4, 2012 at 1:05:02 AM
Reply to: Re: BAs from UK by Sofia
Bore da, stats a bit random because I'm half asleep:
29 Digbys last year
21 in 2010
16 in 2009
19 in 2008
6 in 2004
10 in 2003
7 in 2002
4 in 2001
0 in 2000
3 in 1996

Not sure that points to any cultural trigger, just a small growth over time. I don't know of any celebrity Digbys - all Google had to offer was a 70s children's film called 'Digby - the biggest dog in the world' which seems an unlikely source!

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