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Subject: Re: Lindsay
Author: as   (guest,
Date: October 4, 2012 at 11:19:46 AM
Reply to: Lindsay by Lily
I've met one-my five year old daughter! :)

I knew it peaked in the 80's when we chose the name, didn't care. I love so many 80's names and we just adored Lindsay. It was the right name for our little girl and it fits her to a tee. She's spunky and beautiful and happy. I just love her name and wouldn't change it.

I have met two other Lindsays recently-one her age and one a year younger (one was Lindsay, one Lindsey). Also met a ten year old Lindsay (not sure on spelling) not long ago and an eight year old Lindsay (this spelling) over the summer. So there are young Lindsays out there. I myself think it's too pretty of a name not to be in use.

I do wish Lindsay Lohan didn't go on her downward spiral right after I picked the name but I don't think the name is overly tied to her. It's a name used by enough people that it shouldn't only be associated with Lohan.

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