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Subject: Probyn & Gailbraith
Author: Pie   (Authenticated as Pie)
Date: October 5, 2012 at 1:05:08 AM
Reply to: Re: Random names from a book by M'Quve's Vase
Probyn is a Welsh surname (from ap Robin - son of Robin), pronounced PROB in. It's not used as a first name in Wales.

Galbraith is a Scottish surname with many variants, of which Gailbraith is likely one.
Apparently "it originated as a nickname for a member of the Briton tribe of Strathclyde who settled amongst the Gaels in the 7th century. In Gaelic the name is written Mac galle Bhreathnach, from "mac", meaning son of, "gall", a stranger, and "Breathnach", a Briton."

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