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Subject: Re: Blythe Combos
Author: Bear   (Authenticated as Bear)
Date: October 5, 2012 at 10:36:00 AM
Reply to: Blythe Combos by Shiply
Me too. Love, love Blythe. Actually, my favorite mn for it is Matilda. But that won't work for you. :-)

Blythe Meadow -- Love both names, but together they feel more like a phrase than a name: a blithe / happy meadow. Too distracting for me.

Blythe Avonlea -- Awkward flow. Didn't the male lead in "Anne of Green Gables" have the surname Blythe? Again, too distracting.

Blythe Ruby -- Rubies should be happy. Just not in a name.

Blythe Susannah -- Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner -- and not just because the other three don't work for me. Susannah has the perfect calm, salt-of-the-earth quality that Blythe has for me. And the flow is terrific. A+.

I dont' think I can improve on either Blythe Matilda or Blythe Susannah. But I can't resist trying. Sorry for any repeats:

Blythe Margaret
Blythe Eleanor
Blythe Rosamund
Blythe Winifred
Blythe Annabel (a more subtle AAGG reference?)
Blythe Marianne
Blythe Katrina / Catriona
Blythe Johanna
Blythe Abigail
Blythe Victoria
Blythe Eloise
Blythe Audrey
Blythe Muriel
Blythe Frances
Blythe Ursula
Blythe Estelle

Happy hunting!

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