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Subject: Re: Random names from a book
Author: UniqueNameLover   (Authenticated as UniqueNameLover)
Date: October 6, 2012 at 2:11:42 AM
Reply to: Random names from a book by Caprice
Valeria - I always think this sounds like a disease and reminds me Malaria.
Lidia- Looks like a mispelling of Lydia.
Mitzi- Don't like
Miranda- Nice, but dated.
Mercedes- Meh.
Aziza- I prefer Aviva
Bunty- Too similar to Bundy, as in Ted Bundy
Rosario- Reminds me of the actress. I prefer Rosaria. The "o" seems to masculine, imo.
Celestino- dislike
Rufus- Sewell
Cesaria- Dislike
Alpha- ...male
Pelagia- Dislike
Smilla- Dislike
Arvo- Arvo is meh. I prefer Arlo
Raoul- Nice
Gustave- Nice
Ute- How is this even said?
Maryse- Dislike
Dulce- Cute, but nms
Imre- Nms
Levente- Meh
Emiliana- Very pretty
Lata- Lot of!
Sinead- ...O'Connor!
Sarit- Dislike
Meryl- Streep
Comfort = I knew a girl named this. Interesting name.
Antanas- Ant + pirhanas
Sascha - Meh
Lucius- Malfoy!
Gailbraith- Huh?
Rozina- Dislike
Bernadette- Peters! I like this one.
Randall- Meh
Leonora- Pretty
Joris- Doris got hit with a "j"
Reuben- Studdard! And the sandwich.
Ailu (Saami male name, pr. EYE-loo)- No
Eyal- No
Hugo- LOVE
Thornton- Nice!
Roman- LOVE!
Amalia- Very interesting alternative to the overdone Amelia
Cecile- I prefer Cecily
Probyn- Probin' baby. ;)
Lino- No
Compton- The hood?
Bozena- Awful
Vita- Eh...
France- This doesn't work as a name
Tobias- Great!
Johanna- No
Romulo- No
Ofra- Dislike

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