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Subject: Re: Desiree, Mahalia, Isidore, Xandinho
Author: Alkahest   (Authenticated as the dying daylight)
Date: October 6, 2012 at 7:34:01 AM
Reply to: Desiree, Mahalia, Isidore, Xandinho by Effie
Isidore's my dad's name. I love it for that reason, but I would love it even if that weren't the case. It's just a classy, interesting name which isn't too uncommon. I can't help but think the nickname 'Sid' is cute, somewhat silly and somewhat spunky and would suit the right person.
Xandinho is really interesting, but it's not my style and it makes me think of Xanadu, because my brain is lame.

I dislike both girls' names. Mahalia doesn't appeal and I don't like the meaning. Desiree seems tacky and makes me think of potatoes. Potatoes.

Weirdly, I like Mahlah and Mahalath better than Mahalia. They're odd, but they're not over-frilly and trying to be pretty and girly, which the is the vibe I get from Mahalia. I particularly like Mahalath's odd look. I mean, I'd never use it on a person, but it's tempting to use it on a character. Oooh, and Maala. Yes, in my view, all three of those are more interesting and cool than the related Mahalia... but that's just me.

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