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Subject: Need name for this puppy!
Author: Rina Henderson   (guest,
Date: October 8, 2012 at 8:46:54 AM
Hi everyone! How would you like to help us name this puppy ... we have had him two weeks and still call him pup pup because we can't agree on a name! He is a rambunctious male golden retriever with lots of energy and personality! We had wanted to give him a name that was personal and special but can't seem to come up with one we all (5 of us) like! Our last golden retriever passed away in January at age 15. We named him Wuerffel (after Gator great quarterback Danny Wuerffel). My husband and I are huge gator fans, but our two older daughters went to FSU, so they're fighting us on a gator name. We love sports, football, softball, music and we live in florida! He was born to a litter that was named the "Olympic litter" since he was born in late July. At this point, we just want a cute name that fits him well. Could you please send us your ideas/ we are open to anything however, here is a lengthy list that we have come up with!

Dewey, Cooper, Beau (Tebow, but worry about sounding like "no"), Bear/Baron (looks like a little bear cub), Albert/Bert/Burton (Gator names), Jagger, Buffett, Presley, Quincy, Tucker, Samson (hubby is Sam, daughter is Sammie - could call Sonny), Midas, Deuce (2nd golden), Teddy, Benson/Bennett, Nate, Obie (orange and blue), Rooney, Sweeney, Rody, Presley, Griffey (seems like we like y names), Bosley, Buckley, Heisman, Nicky, Finch (Jennie), Custer, Wylie, Deacon, Dempsey, Dusty, Marshall. Our last name is Henderson ... don't know if that really matters.

Please please please help us name this puppy! You are the best!

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