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Subject: Re: Lowest-rated names in your PNL
Author: cherrybear   (Authenticated as cherrybear)
Date: October 9, 2012 at 9:27:56 AM
Reply to: Lowest-rated names in your PNL by erb816
Out of 80 names, these are the ones that are at or below 40% (in alphabetical order):

Anakin m) 33% (Mostly a GP, didn't expect anyone to be crazy about)
Archie (m) 37% (Really bummed about this one because Archer is my favorite boy's name *sad face*)
Binyamin (m) 40% (While Benjamin is at a strong 63%)
Bijou (f) 24% (GP)
Blaze (m) 24%
Bradley (m) 30% (What's wrong with Bradley??)
Brady (m) 38%
Bryn (f) 36% (On of my top 3 in girl's names...)
Caileigh (f) 14% (Wow, everyone must HATE this name... In my top 5)
Ebele (f) 25%
Eden (f) 30%
Heath (m) 27%
Jayne (m) 10% (Cool name, wouldn't actually use on a person)
Jethro (m) 23% (GP)
Kai (f) 36% (Again, another one of my top 3 girl's names (Kairi) being seriously hated on, geez)
Kaye (f) 25%
Kendrick (m) 31% (A cool name, don't understand why nobody likes)
Maxence (m) 34%
Moira (f) 37%
Nimue (f) 35% (GP)
Piper (f) 26% (GP)
Raven (f) 40% (GP)
Richelle (f) 24% (Would be honoring and strictly a MN, but still, not even 25%? Dang)
Roy (m) 39% (Another name I'm very quite fond of below the 40% mark)
Saira (f) 40%
Scout (f) 40%
Sky (f) 35% (GP)
Sophie (f) 35% (GP)
Tobiah (m) 32%
Uriah (m) 40%
Zane (m) 38%
Zerachiel (m) 15% (One of my top 5 under 20% approval?? You guys are harsh)

So I've come to the conclusion that nobody really likes the name I LOVE, and I'm not too crazy about the ones you guys seem to really have a taking towards. Agree to disagree? Lol.

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