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Subject: Re: Got it down to two. 37wks
Author: Francesca   (Authenticated as Francesca)
Date: October 10, 2012 at 7:43:22 AM
Reply to: Got it down to two. 37wks by Anni

I understand that you wanted something uncommon, and while you wont necessarily run into 10 Maras or Adares when you leave the house, they both follow trends, they both sound as if they've been encountered a legion of times; neither would cause me to think "unique" or "noteworthy."

I feel that Adare, in particular, will eventually be associated with the second Hunger Games film that is being released-- there is a character, from what I understand, titled "Finnick Odair"... the surname and Adare are acutely similar and uniform. And with the huge surge in name interest from the trilogy, I would not want to risk it.

Mara is fine, but conversely lackluster and monotonous, in my opinion.

Last but not least: middlenames. Anne and Anna are charmingly classic.
Quinn has never appealed to me in the way that I wish it would. As long as it isn't in a direct firstname context, I don't mind it. (Or is it the child's surname, perhaps?)

Best of luck,
- Francesca

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