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Subject: Re: Liesl combos
Author: Bear   (Authenticated as Bear)
Date: October 10, 2012 at 8:07:59 AM
Reply to: Liesl combos by Shiply
Hurray for Liesl!

Matilda Piper is a classic yet spunky combo. I'm sure you can match her wonderfully with:

Liesl Meadow (A+)
Liesl Winter
Liesl Verity

A few more:

Liesl Marianne
Liesl Daphne
Liesl Clementine / Clemence
Liesl Afton
Liesl Artemis
Liesl Violet / Violette / Violetta
Liesl Ivy
Liesl Matea / Mattea
Liesl Hermione
Liesl Parthenope ("pahr-THEN-uh-pee")
Liesl Charlotte
Liesl Juliet
Liesl Penelope
Liesl Kateri
Liesl Rebecca / Rebekah
Liesl Juno
Liesl Persephone ("per-SEF-uh-nee")
Liesl Josephine
Liesl Vivien
Liesl Theodosia
Liesl Juniper
Liesl Gwyneth

On balance, it's hard to beat Liesl Meadow. I picture a beautiful maiden surrounded by spring wild flowers.

GP combo that just popped into my head: Matilda Edelweiss. Hehe. I think I'll use it on one of my polls. Thanks for the inspiration.

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