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Subject: Re: South Australian newspaper BAs 2000-2010 {2}
Author: jemis   (Authenticated as jemis)
Date: October 11, 2012 at 7:08:15 AM
Reply to: South Australian newspaper BAs 2000-2010 {2} by Viatrix
Acacia Jade- I love Acacia, but the As here are too much
Acacia Pearl- a little better
Addison Olympia- Olympia! Love it!
Aimee Louisa- cute
Aiston Kym- not a fan
Alysse Paige- alright
Amali Susannah Marie- not a fan of Amali, but the rest is cute
Annabelle Georgina- sweet
Ava Robyn Therese- I like it!
Charlize Louise- too rhymey
Charlotte Lux- oooh Lux! I kind of like it!
Daisy Eva Grace- sweet
Emily Blanche- cute
Genevieve Bridget- alright
Georgia Eileen Josephine- too rhymey
Georgina May Lynette- alright
Harriette Belle “Hattie”- cute
Heidi Ula- I completely forgot about Heidi! I kind of love that name!
Jasmine Lois- like this one
Jayda Destynee- blegh
Josephine Victoria- the ph and the v kind of slide into each other, but it's not a bad name
Juno Scout- nms but I kind of like it. I don't want to like it, but I do
Karmara Jane- camera?
Leela Evangeline- I don't like Leela
Lillian Olga Martha- meh
Lily Celeste- cute
Lucille Helen- two of my great aunts!
Lucy Elspeth- sweet, very pretty
Mae Beth- like it
Maeve Caitlin- I just don't like Caitlin
Mahli Isabel- alright
Matisse Alfia- Alfia is interesting
Mieka Maryanne- mmmmmmm
Nina Veronica Freda- Nina and Freda sound too similar
Rhiannon Keely Alice- I don't like Keely, but the rest is good
Setia Louise- meh
Sophie Virginia- again, the ph and the v slide together
Tallula May- cutesy, maybe too cutesy
Teresa Vivien- I like this one
Thomia Eva- too much e going on
Tremea Jasmine- hmm... not sure
Tullie Rose- too cutesy

Abe Oscar- Abe! I forgot about him! I like Abe, but as a nn
Aden Patrick Francois- nice
Bailey Thomas- Bailey just sounds too feminine to me
Billy George- meh
Cliff Winston- Winston just reminds me of cigarettes
Denver Jon- meh
Edward Thomas “Ned”- Ned is refreshing and unexpected
Huw Oliver- meh
Jhye Ethan- huh?
Joven Ashton- no
Kobi Russell- no
Leon Theo- eo eo, no
Levi Edward Jeremiah- alright
Levon Ziggy- meh
Liam Geoffrey- ok
Luc Alain- I like this one a lot!
Luciano Shayne- don't seem to match very well
Mackenzie Clifford- not sure how I feel about this one
Ned Xavier- alright
Nelson James- alright
Rhyan Takumi- I don't like the way Rhyan is spelled
Riley Charles Franklin- don't like Riley
Rourke Walter- Rourke! Love this one
Ryder Neville- no for Ryder, but yay for Neville
Samuel Shaun Jack- don't like Shaun
Sean Hamish Andrew Albert- love it
Stelio Gregory- never heard Stelio before, not sure if I like it
Taziah James- Taziah? meh
Thomas George “Tommy”- alright
Thomas Lachlan- alright
Travis Desmond- I love Desmond.
William Josiah “Josiah”- alright
Zaccheus Alexander Brian- hmm, interesting, might have to sit with it for a bit
Zade Francis- not a huge fan of Zade

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