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Subject: Re: South Australian newspaper BAs 2000-2010 {4}
Author: Caprice   (Authenticated as Caprice)
Date: October 11, 2012 at 12:09:26 PM
Reply to: South Australian newspaper BAs 2000-2010 {4} by Viatrix
Some comments:
Adon - "add on" what?
Alexander Geoffrey Leon - Leon is so cute
Alexandros Rry - Rry!?
Asher Atticus Orion - yeah, I know, we are sooo cool
Baden Lee - Baden? As in Baden-Baden?
Chase River - sounds like a very tiresome activity
Cy Nicholas - Cy is sooo ugly. Makes me think of cyanide
Dax - Dax is a fast food chain in Sweden
Deakon Archer - blah. What's with Australians and Archer?
Fergus Callum - love Callum!
Indiana Jensen - Indiana sounds too feminine on a boy and Jensen is a Danish surname
Jaymz Joseph Mykhal - oh God, how awful
Jock Hedley - ugh
Jonah Johannes Lyndon - Jo, Jo, and then a bad president!?
Joslin Guy Mortimer - I hate Mortimer
Julian Orlando - love Julian!
Nixon James Hugo - another bad president!?
Rohan Alexander Kenneth - OK, they like LOTR...
Saxyn Ray - awful
Taj Marques - awful
Taurus - this is my sign. A bad name
Windsor Matthew Peter - they sooo want to be royalty!
Ziggy Jay - hippy yay...

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