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Subject: Gobnait and Edelmira
Author: Bear   (Authenticated as Bear)
Date: October 12, 2012 at 10:40:14 AM
Reply to: Post the name you started loving the most recently. by hyacinthus
I just rescued a cat. She's at the vet's being de-flea'd (etc.) right now. I wanted to call her Gobnait so badly, but she sneezed at it when I tried (twice!). Plus, my dh wouldn't have it. We settled on Ipse Dixit, nn Ipsie.

Gobnait seemed to fit her because she's serious and deep. Gobnait has unexpected depth to it so I thought it could work. Plus, I don't expect to ever get to hear of it being used on a human. Ah, well.

Edelmira is another GP. My cousin is named Edel and I grew up thinking that it was an Irish form of Adele. But no. Apparently Edel was very popular in Ireland when my cousin was born. There was a nun or a nurse with that name that was greatly admired. But where did the name come from originally? Being a namenerd and doing a little digging I found Edelmira. That's my theory as to the origin of Edel and I'm sticking to it. It's gorgeous. Plus, I have a thing for Spanish variants of Germanic names. I picture ancient Gothic tribes moving into the Iberian penninsula. Fun.

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