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Subject: Re: Some feminine versions of male names
Author: Siân   (Authenticated as Sharley)
Date: October 13, 2012 at 1:25:35 AM
Reply to: Some feminine versions of male names by Caprice
Adamina -Maybe for a foreigner, but I can't see anyone from here when I live (southeast USA) getting away with it.
Adriana -lovely.
Alana -nms, but not a horrible name. I know one and she gets along fine.
Alexandrina -I love Alexandria, but I think that's the only feminine Alex- name that I like.
Alfreda -No way.
Alickina -I don't even know what name this is a female form of.
Aloisia -Sounds ghetto. I mean, I can see that it isn't, but it sounds that way.
Alphonsine -horrible
Axelina -She sounds like a dominatrix. A cheap one that tries too hard, at that.
Basilia -Interesting. Not sure what I think on this one actually.
Bastienne -Don't love it or hate it.
Benedicta -yuck
Benita -My sister watches George Lopez all the time and this is the name of his horrible mother on the show. That's the only association with it that I have so I dislike it based on that.
Bernadette -I can see the appeal, but it isn't my style.
Brianne -I like something about this, but I wouldn't use it.
Brunella -Sounds like a good book character.
Cesaria -I like the sound, but not the look of this one.
Calumina -no way.
Cyrille -love Cyril. Hate Cyrille.
Darrene -ew. no.
Davina -I've only ever known one and she was a nightmare. Ruined by association.
Deanna -I've known a handful of these and none of them have been particularly pleasant women. Funny enough, I didn't realize it was even a feminine form of another name until I saw it on this list. Hmm.
Dionne -horrible.
Edwina -ditto
Emilia -lovely
Emanuela -nms, but a perfectly fine name for the right ethnicity.
Ernestine -I played Earnestine in Cheaper by the Dozen once. Great role, but terrible name.
Eugenie -I love the sound of this. I wish the word "genie" wasn't in it because that would keep me from ever using it.
Evanna -fine
Fabienne -I like and dislike something about this one.
Fabia -ditto
Fernanda -I think I like it.
Fidelia -same
Glenna -oh no.
Gustava -so bad.
Hansine -Hmm.. Good character name.
Hectorina -This sounds like a joke.
Henrika -Sounds dated.
Henriette -Prefer Harriet by far.
Honoria -On the right ethnicity, this would be cool.
Horatia -Don't like Horatio or its femme conterpart.
Hughina -Don't like Hugh so can't possible like it feminized.
Huguette -oh, and this is worse.
Jamesina -sounds fake to me.
Jensine -I'm saying this terribly close to "ginseng."
Jesusa -How do you pronounce this? No really, how?
Joina -nms
Joelle -nope, but I did just sing it to the tune of Dolly Parton's "Jolene."
Johanna -depends on how it's pronounced really. yo-HAHN-ah is nice.
Justine -I can't take this or leave it.
Keitha -ew, this is bad.
Kendra -I'm way over this one.
Kenna -cute, but seems incomplete.
Kiera -like it, but don't love it.
Ludovica -kind of cool.
Magna -nmsaa
Malcolmina -again, this one just sounds like a joke.
Manuela -The "man" at the beginning just messes with me.
Martina -Like Martin, but not Martina.
Marti -don't like this at all.
Maxine -Kind of cute. It's grown on me in the past few years.
Merlyn -ew, yuck.
Mikki -no. Seems trashy.
Murdina -no thanks
Neilina -This sounds veru made-up to me.
Nolene -no. I'm not really a fan of -lene endings.
Normina -gross
Octavia -Okay. It's very slowly growing on me.
Ottilie -I like something about this name.
Pascale -I really want to like it, but something won't let me
Pastora -I want to like this too, but just don't.
Peta -Like Petra, but not Peta.
Pierrette -Reminds me of pirouette. :-/
Piera -lovely.
Pina -Colada.
Pia -A name that should only belong in the Princess and the Pea story.
Princess -Tacky...much like Prince is tacky.
Rafaela -Cool on the right girl.
Ragna -hmm... might like this. Haven't heard of it before.
Ramona -Growing on me.
Raymonde -no thank you.
Rhetta -sounds country.
Ricarda -Sounds like a company name instead of a person name.
Roberta -Not my kind of name.
Rodina -Sounds like a nice place to visit on holiday.
Rolande -pass
Romaine -lettuce
Romola -Another nice place to visit.
Ronalda -poor thing. You just can't feminize Ronald.
Runa -love this
Severina -If this is SEV-er-in-ah, then it's cool. If this is SEV-er-EE-nah, then it's horrible.
Silvestra -sounds like a stripper.
Thomasina -never liked this one
Tristana -trying way too hard
Vladimira -Like Vlad- names and like Mira, but don't like this. Idk why.
Xaviera -No. It just sounds odd.
Yakova -kind of cool.

Others I like:
Georgiana (jor-gee-AH-nah only)
Harriet / Hattie
Julia / Juliet / Juliana
Philippa / Pippa
Sabria / Sabriyya

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