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Subject: BAs (including Japanese names and my cousin), and name sightings
Author: Alkahest   (Authenticated as the dying daylight)
Date: March 20, 2013 at 1:20:25 PM
Here are my sightings and BAs :):

My cousin had her baby late last night: They were torn between Rosemary "Romy", Blaze and Essie, in the end and today they announced that they have welcomed Essie Caroline Blaze, sister to Bonnie Codie Taryn. Essie is not short for anything. So, Bonnie and Essie. Eugh. Twee. Apparently they wanted to use another one from the final R- bunch, but S' partner's sister kicked up a fuss because it was a name -she- wanted to use one day, suddenly, all of a sudden her favourite name ever, and they didn't need the drama so they went for something different. Romy seemed kinda second best after that. So... Essie.

Anyway, cousin, I am disappoint.

Essie... is a nail polish. And Blaze is hideous. I'm glad they kept Caroline, but why not Caroline Ivy? I get that Essie Caroline Susannah would be too much 's', but why Blaze? Why for the love of god? As Caroline honours my mum, who chose Carole as her 'English name (that is, non-"ethnic", easy to say for Anglophones)', I don't know why they didn't choose Sahar, my mum's birth name. Cos it's prettier. Maybe cos Essie Sahar would be a mess...

Anyway, she's a happy, healthy baby girl, so all that's pretty academic :)


One of my name-nerd friends is hoping to start a family in a while with her fiance. Future parents Katrina "Katie" and Takahisa have picked out the following:
Girls' names:
Anzu (杏) ("apricot")
Okimi (沖美) ("open sea; beauty")
Chihiro (千尋) ("thousand; inquire, fathom" Katie's a huge Spirited Away fan)
Chizuru (千鶴) ("thousand; cranes")
Kozue (梢) ("treetops, twig")
Miho (美帆) ("beauty, sail")
Nanami (七海) ("seven, sea")
Sumire (菫) ("violet")
Aoi (葵) ("hollyhock")

* Mix of their favourite names.

Boy will prob. be Haruki (kanji possibly: 春樹, but very probably not),or:
Kazuki (一輝),
Naoki (kanji not decided),
Atsuhiro (淳宏)
Junji (潤二, after Ito, but Takahisa hates the kanji)
Kanehiro (this is v. v. v old-fashioned)
Katsuhiro (勝大)
Keiji (圭司)

As they plan to live and raise their family in Japan, they'll follow Japanese naming rules. Even if they live in England, they'll probably still do likewise. If anyone wants to bother translating the kanji for boys, I'd be much obliged - otherwise, I'll do it tomorrow or bother Katie next time she's online. I think/know they want something slightly oddbod or honouring a fan favourite. Aoi is very much the popular choice name.

Choices are many whimsy and speculation. I don't think there'll be a baby Yoshiki any time in the next few years, but it's cool to know what their list is ;P Thank god for fellow name nerds.

Finally, a woman at work is called Apollonia. She has a sister named Serafina and a brother named Matthias. Awesome.
There's also a Catrizia with a sister named Nadira, and a Gudrun with a husband named Sebastian.
And a gal named Ankita.
And a Frea.
And a Kian.

So, whatdyathink?

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