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Subject: Looking for inspirational Scottish names/words
Author: Malk   (Authenticated as Malk)
Date: March 24, 2013 at 1:06:18 AM
We're Scottish expats expecting our final baby. With the Scottish indpendence referendum very much on Scotland's mind I'd really like to find a Scottish name or inspirational word to use for this baby.

I have some girl ideas
Alba - Gaelic for Scotland
Saorsa - Scottish Gaelic for freedom/independence
Thistle - a symbol of Scotland that suggests toughness and inability to be beaten

but I can't think of any boy's choices. Our sons are Aidan (a Scottish king) and Finn (a Celtic hero). It doesn't necessarily have to be an obvious Scottish name as we're not crazy about most of them, but can be a word name or something less obvious. Feel free to think outside the box.

Any suggestions welcome.

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