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Subject: This or That and Why?
Author: LadyBug   (Authenticated as LadyBug18)
Date: March 24, 2013 at 1:48:58 PM
I've been adding some new names to my favorites list and need some help with combos. So choose this or that and please tell why. Feel free to suggest similar style middle names.

Alexander Caspian, Alexander Cassius or Alexander Declan?
Alexander nn Alec or Xander?
Alfred Cecil, Alfred Hugh or Alfred Miles? (nickname Alfie)
Arthur Bradley, Arthur Crispin or Arthur Percival?
Callum Alexander, Callum David or Callum Rhys?
Ezekiel Allan, Ezekiel David or Ezekiel Peleg? (nickname Zeke)
Robinson Amos, Robinson Douglas or Robinson Neil? (nickname Robin)

Bethany Elaine, Bethany Hope or Bethany Leah?
Clara Beatrice, Clara Evelyn, Clara Joyce or Clara June?
Eliza Florence, Eliza Jeanette or Eliza Sadie?
Emilia Claire, Emilia Florence, Emilia Joyce?
Isla Guinevere, Isla Kathleen, Isla Margaret or Isla Niamh?
Lorna Esme, Lorna Kathleen or Lorna Marjorie?
Noemia Esther, Noemia Eve, Noemia Hope or Noemia Ruth?
Petra Felicity, Petra June, Petra Melody or Petra Zoe?
Rose Amelia, Rose Georgiana or Rose Stella?
Lucie or Lucy? MN suggestions?

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