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Subject: Girls nicknames that can hold their own: eta
Author: Teacups   (Authenticated as ohdarlingno)
Date: March 24, 2013 at 7:34:28 PM
The post about Josie got me thinking - what are some cutesy-ish nicknames (i.e. not Kate or Lena or Beth) that can hold their own? Like, professional-sounding. Can you imagine them on teenage girls, young women, grandmothers?

I was thinking about Romy in particular, because I enjoy it as a nickname for Rosemary. I think that works. I also like Billie, Effie, Milly, Rosie, Maggie and Evie, but not so sure on these.

I know a couple of women named Maggie (in their late-20s and early-50s), a 22-year-old Rosie and a 8-week-old Evie. The Maggies are short for Margaret and go exclusively by Maggie, but the Evie is just Evie. Some nicknamey names like Maisie, Milly, Winnie and Evie just seem babyish to me, idk about you guys.

** ETA okay so I'm not being clear. I don't care whether they're the full first name or a nickname for a full first name, but just called that name the majority of the time. Like, either a girl christened Milly or a Millicent who goes by Milly. Would you take them seriously? **

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