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Subject: Re: Bonds baby comp uncommon/unusual GIRLS Australia
Author: Caprice   (Authenticated as Caprice)
Date: March 25, 2013 at 1:57:36 PM
Reply to: Bonds baby comp uncommon/unusual GIRLS Australia by Brydz
Ailey - looks like "ailing"
Alyvia - my eyes!
Bentley-Kate - horrible combo
Chanel - tacky
Coco - sounds like a monkey
Eligia - beautiful
Envy - Oh.My.God.How.Very.Horrible.
Gypsy-Rose - Stripper-Name
Harmeny - Nah. More harmful, actually
Harpa-Rai - Harpa means "harp" in Swedish, so this looks very strange to me
Inuki - Inuit girl? No, wait, hardly in Australia...
Kalliope - I like it, but prefer the C spelling
Kasarndra - ughhh, what a horrible misspelling!
Loreli - I like Lorelei, but I'm not very fond of this
Lycka - it means "happiness" in Sweden, so here it wouldn't sound very strange, but I guess it's not optimal in an English-speaking country
Magdalena Faith - maybe a bit too religious, but still nice
Makynli - *pukes*
Mealea - what, she's like oatmeal or something!?
Menzii Rose - makes me think of menstrual blood
Ocean-Cherie - I love Ocean, but this is just horrible
Paiten - hate Payton, hate this even more
Piper Aereata - ick
R-Jay - poor kid
Tashayla - god how tacky
Tea - well, a totally normal name here...but in Australia I guess Thea would be better
Temily - how to spoil a perfectly normal name just like T-hat
Temperance - a GP of mine, but on a real child, I don't know...
Verona - rather sweet
Violetta - the heroine of La Traviata, yes, but she dies from TB...
Zeynep - I prefer Zeinab. But really, although I know it's a perfectly normal name, it makes me think of the Swedish Word senap (mustard)

Does the sea exist
Because of our longing?

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