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Subject: Re: classic vs. trendy
Author: Peacemonger   (Authenticated as Peacemonger)
Date: March 25, 2013 at 8:51:05 PM
Reply to: classic vs. trendy by Laura
I'm...neither. Well, there's a smattering of classic and trendy among the names I like, but they definitely aren't the prevalent theme. The most common type of names that you'll find me liking is nature/word/virtue names. But unfortunately I can't use most of them because my last name is also a word and they almost always sound silly together. And I guess I like older names, but less common ones. At least...I do right now. But I do really like Thomas, a seriously classic and dull name. And I do like Aiden. Which is legit, but no doubt trendy right now.

So I guess I don't really fall into a category. And I don't think you have to stick to one type of name or another...just use what you like and what has meaning to you.

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