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Subject: Re: Favorite or unusual place names for girls
Author: pomelo   (Authenticated as pomelo)
Date: March 25, 2013 at 11:18:32 PM
Reply to: Favorite or unusual place names for girls by Catalina
I love it when children are named for places that were particularly significant to their parents, and am always on the look out for names that come from the places I love. I am not sure that I would feel comfortable using a place name unless I had spent time there. I imagine naming your child, and later discovering that the place did not sit well with you...

Chaing Mai - I've never seen it used, but I think Chaing Mai would work. And since I love the town with its river cafes, ancient temples and walled moats, the name feels poetically beautiful while being relaxed.

Lhasa - I taught a girl named Lhasa once. Here father had spent a number of years living and working in Tibet. She was a smart, spunky, will-strong little spirit who would suddenly display maturity and compassion beyond her age, so the name has taken on these characteristics for me.

Acadia and Camden- Girls I went to university with who were named for places in Maine.
Ravenna (Ravenna Woods) and Elliott (Elliott Bay) are young girls I have met named for places around Seattle.

I also thing Malaysa & Andorra are workable.

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