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Subject: Re: New SO-approved names
Author: Crista   (Authenticated as firefly123)
Date: March 26, 2013 at 11:12:13 AM
Reply to: New SO-approved names by Petra
Daria- I like it, but I prefer Aria.

Ramona- Not a fa, but the nn Romy is cute.

Claudia- I've never liked it, and for no good reason. I don't mind it on someone else though.

Phoebe- This is one of my least favorite names. It looks like 'phobia' and sounds like feeeee-beeeee (also close to a whiny 'feed me!').

Penelope- Also not a fan, but Penny is cute.

Damon- Not bad or good. Rather forgettable.

Nina- I don't mind it, but I don't think it ages well.

Daphne- Love the sound and its ties to mythology. The look bothers me, but there's no way around this since any other spelling looks worse!

Margo / Margot- Margo looks incomplete, but I love Margot. Margaux is even better.

Arthur- I like it as a middle name.

Athena- Love it. It's feminine yet strong, and again I love the mythology. I also like that it's familiar, but uncommon.

Nona- This is like naming a child Grandma or Nanny. I do like Nora or Nola, though.

Laurel- Very pretty and delicate.

Fiona- I like it a lot. It has spunk.

Nadia- I don't care for the sound at all.

Moira- Not a favorite but not horrible.

Malcolm- I love it.

Cormac- It sounds like a product brand or company name.

Roman- Okay, but I prefer Rowan or Ronan.

Quentin- Again it's okay.

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