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Subject: Re: using Spring
Author: mirfak   (Authenticated as mirfak)
Date: March 26, 2013 at 3:28:52 PM
Reply to: using Spring by Laura
It's usable, but I wouldn't.
Pretend you're thirteen again and your name is Spring. Introduce yourself to your peers. Like it?
Now pretend you're eighteen and your name is Spring. Introduce yourself to your peers. Like it?
Yes, when people figure out your name is Spring, some will say 'oh nice name I luv it!'. A few of them will mean it, but would they want to bear the name, is my question. Is that really a name you'd pick as your own?
Now pretend you're twenty-nine ...
Forty ... somewhere along the line I think it became a tad silly.

YMMV but I'd have wanted to change it at 18, myself, or gone by my middle name. I see the appeal of it and I know it's possible to get used to - at least, no less than other unusual word names. But I just don't think it is namey enough that it would ever stop being a little bit humiliating, partly because it is too spunky. The pouncing/bouncing/freshness is overkill. Spunky is for young girls, IMO - the name Spring expects its bearer to be cute and perky and pink, more than I can like. Spring doesn't have enough else going for it to compensate for both the word-y-ness and the spunk. I'd rather be April, May, Chloe ... but not Spring. It has too many word meanings, none of which are poetic. It's not just metal parts and boing sounds. It's water bubbling up from the ground, getting out of jail, buying something expensive... it lends itself to imagery quite a lot. Nms.

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