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Subject: Please Help Me Name This Character
Author: Serafina Starstrider   (Authenticated as Serafina Starstrider)
Date: March 27, 2013 at 5:10:26 AM
Please help me name this character, I want a name that suits her looks and personality as well as a nn that is either one or two syllables long that she will mainly go by.

The character I'm trying to name has messy super curly medium to dark red-orange hair that she usually has at around shoulder length. She has medium to dark gray-blue eyes, and a ton of freckles all over but with most of them being under her eyes and just under the bridge of her nose. What I want to write starts off with her being a young teen in the 8th grade but will follow her to being a post-college age in her late 20's or early 30's. In the first few books she'll have crooked teeth that she is wearing braces for and a bit of trouble with acne and hair that just seems impossible to do anything with easily, and she is just growing into her body and much to her chagrin her breasts are getting big and she's going through a growth spurt.

The character is American but her father was born in the UK, her father's mother's side of the family is Irish and her father's father's side is a mixture of English, Scottish, and Welsh. The character's mother was born in the US, her mother's mother came from many generations of New York state Dutch heritage and her mother's father's side of the family were mostly French from Canada but his grandmother was fully First People / Indian. The character herself would be 1/4th Irish, 1/4th mixture of English, Scottish, and Welsh, 1/4th Dutch, 15/16th French, and 1/16th First People / Indian.

Her family is Catholic and her surname is Knight. She has an older brother named Gratian nn Gray, a younger brother whose name I can't decide on and the youngest is a sister named Penelope nn Nell. I haven't been able to decide on the younger brothers name but I'm thinking either Theodore nn Theo or Lucas nn Luke, but nothing is for certain, his name isn't as important as the main characters name, I don't need any help naming him at the moment. Her mother is an art historian professor at a private Catholic university in the city they live in and her father is a video game designer. She has two cats whose names I haven't decided on yet and a pet turtle named Peat. All of her siblings and her parents have blue eyes as well, Gray and her father have brown hair while her other brother, Nell, and her mother have blond hair.

Her personality is a mixture of bookish and very physical, she's not a great student but she's also not terrible. She reads a lot but mostly what she is interested in reading rather than school books, she loves mysteries, fantasy, sci-fi, suspense, pulp, history, historical fiction, and is a fan of a lot of classical literature. She does her best to be calm but sometimes her fiery nature causes her to lash out at people, she is very stubborn, fairly open minded unless she is in one of her obstinate teenager moods, when she is upset she broods about things but on rare occasions will throw a tantrum before stomping out of the room, and she is very intent on having her privacy like most teenaged girls.

Her favorite article of clothing is a tan men's knee-length trench coat, that looks like something a private eye would wear. She's not certain about what she wants to do with her life in the future, she loves the idea of being a private eye like in classic films, but she thinks that the life of a real private eye would probably bore her. For fun she takes martial arts classes and she also is in a junior roller derby team. She enjoys video games and often acts like she has something to prove when around boys, she wants to show them that she can rough house with the lot of them. She loves the urban city life but she also enjoys camping and hiking in the summer with her family. She goes to an inexpensive private Catholic school that is very racially diverse, her best friend is a shy girl with mousy brown hair named Iris, her god parents son Gabriel or Ezekiel I haven't decided on his name yet, and her older brother Gray. She's going to become good friends eventually with some other characters but this is what I'm sharing at the moment.

Here are some photos that are similar to what I'm thinking of when it comes to her looks when she gets older.

These capture the nature of how wild her hair is:

This is around the hair color I was thinking of and her face is very similar to what I was thinking of, except my character has freckles and a more peachy less pale skin tone:

These also capture what I feel her face looks like, I love the second woman's smile:

And these do as well but to a lesser extent:

Thank you so much, sorry if this is a lot to process. If it is too difficult to name her based off of all of these aspects then just tell me what you would name her based off her looks or based off her personality but specify which you are basing it off of if you decide to do that.


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