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Subject: Georgette
Author: Wordsmith   (Authenticated as Wordsmith)
Date: March 27, 2013 at 9:02:02 AM
What does everyone think of Georgette? I love her brassy, jaunty charm.

Which of the following combinations do you like?

Georgette Agatha
Georgette Agnes
Georgette Alice
Georgette Alma
Georgette Amabel
Georgette Augusta
Georgette Aurelia
Georgette Beatrice
Georgette Beatrix
Georgette Blythe
Georgette Caroline
Georgette Cecilia
Georgette Cecily
Georgette Celia
Georgette Cicely
Georgette Clara
Georgette Clementine
Georgette Constance
Georgette Cybele
Georgette Dorothy
Georgette Eleanor
Georgette Eliza
Georgette Emeline
Georgette Emily
Georgette Esther
Georgette Ethel
Georgette Frances
Georgette Helena
Georgette Ingrid
Georgette Iris
Georgette Lavinia
Georgette Leonor
Georgette Leonora
Georgette Letitia
Georgette Lillian
Georgette Louisa
Georgette Lydia
Georgette Madeleine
Georgette Madeline
Georgette Maria
Georgette Marian
Georgette Mariel
Georgette Marigold
Georgette Marion
Georgette Mary
Georgette Matilda
Georgette Millicent
Georgette Miriam
Georgette Muriel
Georgette Olivia
Georgette Opal
Georgette Penelope
Georgette Philomena
Georgette Priscilla
Georgette Rosalind
Georgette Rosaline
Georgette Rosamond / Rosamund / Rosemonde
Georgette Ruby
Georgette Sibyl
Georgette Sylvia
Georgette Ursula
Georgette Vera
Georgette Verity
Georgette Viola
Georgette Vivien
Georgette Winifred

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