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Subject: Re: Name suggestion??
Author: Bear   (guest,
Date: March 27, 2013 at 10:34:48 AM
Reply to: Name suggestion?? by kneill
Since you've got an Italian surname, have you considered spelling it Juliana instead? You can still pronounce it "-anna" on the end. It just would look more authentic. (Yes, I realize to be really authentic it would be Giuliana. But the Juliana spelling still is closer than Julianna.) Just a thought. It's a beautiful name with any of these spellings. :-)

How about:

Julianna Lily
Julianna Fleur
Julianna Sophie
Julianna Renata
Julianna Carlotta / Caroline
Julianna Pearl
Julianna Ruby
Julianna Meadow
Julianna Sylvie (= forest)
Julianna Hope
Julianna Pax (ancient Roman goddess of peace)
Julianna Chloe
Julianna Eve
Julianna Carys / Kerensa / Kerenza (Wel./Cornish)
Julianna Charis (Gr.)
Julianna Pascale (= Easter)
Julianna Summer
Julianna Solstice
Julianna Winter
Julianna Celeste
Julianna Polaire (Fr.)(= Polaris / North Star)
Julianna Sunday
Julianna Léonie / Leontine ("LAY-un-teen," July and Leo together in one combo?)
Julianna Rachel
Julianna Clare / Claire / Clara (Eng./Fr./Ital.)
Julianna Bridget
Julianna Iris
Julianna Coral / Coralie
Julianna Laurel
Julianna Frances / Francesca
Julianna Cecily
Julianna Alice / Alix
Julianna Patricia
Julianna Margot
Julianna Victoria
Julianna Tess
Julianna Carmel / Carmella
Julianna Kay
Julianna Blythe
Julianna Maeve
Julianna Audrey
Julianna Camille
Julianna Daisy (plant some in her honor?)
Julianna Vivien
Julianna Eirlys ("EHR-lis," = snowdrop)(plant some in her honor?)
Julianna Delphine
Julianna Vanessa
Julianna Esme
Julianna Virginia
Julianna Brooke
Julianna Evelyn
Julianna Lenore
Julianna Hilary
Julianna Bianca
Julianna Raphaela (sp?)
Julianna Violetta
Julianna Gabrielle / Gabriella
Julianna Callista
Julianna Mattea (honors any Matthews / Matteos in the family)
Julianna Sarah
Julianna Wren
Julianna Kestrel
Julianna Lark
Julianna Mavis
Julianna Briar
Julianna Melanie
Julianna Xanthe
Julianna Calanthe
Julianna Hermione
Julianna Mercy
Julianna Cara (Cara means dear one in Italian and friend in Irish) / Carina
Julianna Portia
Julianna Matilda
Julianna Domenica ("duh-MEN-i-cuh")
Julianna Colette
Julianna Mary (that would be different these days)
Julianna Clemence
Julianna Graziella
Julianna Petra / Piera (honors any Peters)
Julianna Holly
Julianna Chenoa (Nat.Am.)("sheh-NO-uh")
Julianna Siobhan (honors any Johns, Janes, Seans, Joannas, etc.)("shuh-VAHN")

Surprisingly versatile. Please let us know if you like anyone's suggestion(s). Feedback is always appreciated. Birth announcements too. :-D

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